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PNBOO 1560
PN1560 is PNBOO’s 15.6 inch LED IPS graphics tablet drawing monitor. It supports second monitor, and can be set as duplicated mode and extended mode. Also 1920 x 1080 resolution HD resolution allows you to see the screen in a very comfortable way.
PNBOO PN2150 Graphics Monitor
PN2150 is the newest advanced drawing monitor from PNBOO. Such as drawing, sketching, painting, designing and editing can directly be fulfilled on the screen. It can support duplicated mode and extended mode.The interface port are HDMI, VGA and DVI, the p
PN10 Pen Display
1.10.1" 1280*800 resolution IPS Pen Display with 178°visual angle ,Multi-angle without offset , no reflection,providing you with unparalleled clarity and color sensitivity, experience the vivid picture. 2.6 User-Defined express keys ,can be customized th
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